Single girder crane 3 ton has compact design, easy to be installed. With 3 ton capacity, customer may choose Electric wire rope hoist 3 ton-Kgcrane or Electric chain hoist from China. Cg machinery 3 ton single girder crane has main girder design in box beam type for saving lifting space and more stable operation. Trolley power supply system in festoon, flat pvc cable type, imported equipment help pro-long life circle of power and control cable. 

Cg machinery commit to finish installation of standard single girder crane 3 ton within maximum 40 working days as well as guarantee for our crane during product operation time. You can access to our project list to understand more about our standard crane that we had produced and installed. Please follow below technical sheet of Cg machinery's standard single girder crane. Remember to provide us more detail requirements such as Lifiting height, crane span, runway length and installation site for further quotation 


1. Electric wire rope hoist

 - Model

 : KN 3 - H6/9/12- MH

 - Capacity

 : 3 ton

 - Lifting height

 : 6-9-12 metre

 - Lifting speed

 : 3.7 or 7.5 m/min ( 1 speed)

 - Trolley speed

 : 13 or 20 m/min (1 speed)

 - Duty group FEM/ISO

 : 2m/M5

 - Power supply

 : AC 380V, 3 pha, 50Hz

 - Control voltage

 : AC 48V/110V, 50Hz

- Control pendant

: 6 button + 1 EMS

 - Overload protection 

 : As standard

 - Limit switch up/down

 : As standard

 - Cross travel limit switch

 : Incl. as standard

 Completed equipment, 100% brandnew

2. Crane traveling mechanism

 Crane traveling speed

 : 20 m/min (1 speed)

 Gear box motors are imported directly from Korea

 - Motor power

 : 2 x 0,75kw

 Steel structure of End carriage

 - Design and manufacture acc. to TCVN 4244-86

  3. Electric supply system and safety device

Trolley power supply system is flat pvc cable, festoon type completed according to crane span. Equipment is imported from Taiwan

Crane power supply system is safety bus bar type, 3P-50A, completed with all accessories imported from Taiwan.

Crane control box is assemble by Cg machinery with brandnew equipment from high quality supplier such as Schneider, LG, LS - Korea. Panel cover produced by E.NHAT -Vietnam 

  Crane rail size 30 x 40 (mm), produce from SS400 steel plate, welded directly on runway beam.

4. Main girder steel structure

 - Girder type

 : Single girder, box type

 - Design standard

 : TCVN 4244-2005

 - Capacity 

 : 3 ton

 - Crane span (LK)

 : 5-50m

 - Girder depression

 : ≤ 1/750 LK

 - Material grade

 : Q235, SS400, mới 100%

 - Surface treatment

 : shot blasting or sand blasting

 - Crane painting spec

 : 01 primer layer

   02 top coat layer

5. Transportation and commissioning of the equipment

 - Installation

 : within 3 days

 - Test load

 : 110% dynamic test and 125% static load

 - Operation liciense

 : Issued by authorized party

 - Documentation

 : completed package acc. to standard


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